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My name is Meg and I live in Buffalo NY with my husband Andrew and our cat Jake.
We are working on getting our house in order by saving money, getting organized, and simplifying things.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

In my mailbox this week

Lot's of goodies for Meg this week!
I got:
1 $5 rebate check from SC Johnson
1 $15 rebate check from P and G
1 coupon book from betty crocker with $10 in coupons
1 free sample of Kashi warm cinnamon heart to heart cereal. This had 3 $1.50 off on box of kashi cereal PLUS a coupon for a free box of cereal.  Yay Kashi!

Mail in rebates are new for me, but so far so good.  I have a few more checks on the way, and then these are getting deposited into a special "rebates" savings account.  I want to see how much I earn this year on rebates (not including my rite aid rebate checks...those are reserverd to play at rite aid!). so far I have $20 bucks! I still need to figure out any tricks of the trade on these.  So far I have learned to read the fine print, but many of these rebates can be combined with coupons or deals in the store, so these can make for real money makers. Both the checks I got this week are purely profit as I  did deals on the products that were free after coupons and sales.

I also sign up for free samples and coupon books when I see an offer online.  Free samples almost always come with coupons, although these Kashi coupons are really good ones!

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