Getting Our House In Order

My name is Meg and I live in Buffalo NY with my husband Andrew and our cat Jake.
We are working on getting our house in order by saving money, getting organized, and simplifying things.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cleaned out the linen closet

That's where I keep a lot of my loot!  It is official.  We do not need any more of the following for quite some time!!
Soap (bar, hand or bodywash!!)
lightbulbs!! (I have soo many...want some?)
cleanser and moisturizer
feminine supplies.
Contact lens solution

I'm not going to buy anyof this stuff until I get down to 1 left for any of them.  At this rate, we could potentially go a year without buying some of this stuff! (maybe I exagerate...who knows? 6 months at least!!)
At least now I know what we have!  I need to do the same in my kitchen and freezer...

Gettin' my house in order!! God knows how much it needs it!! 

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