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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Great Deals this week!

This is a great week for deals.  I am pretty behind in posting, and I haven't shopped at all yet (except for a quick trip to Walgreens to use a register reward that was expiring on Monday)
Here is an overview of my favorite deals at the various stores in our area.

Gather up your Healthy Choice and Quaker coupons and get to target!!!  They have 2 gift card promotions going.  Buy 10 healthy choice meals get $5 target card.   These are lunch for me pretty much eveyday at work and I have a ton of coupons from various sources so this is going to be great.  I am limited only by what my freezer can hold!  Although, the fresh mixers are included, so I'll get some of those as well.  If you don't have any coupons, go to Healthy Choice's website and you can print $1 off 2 (you can print it twice) and get started!  Quaker is select products, buy 5 get a $5 gift card.  if you like oatmeal and granola bars, go for it.

My goal for rite aid this week is to finish the Proctor and Gamble gift card deal that has been going on this month.  There was a P&G coupon insert in the Sunday paper (you got the paper right?  You've go to get the paper on Sunday!! well, you can  do ok with printable coupons, but the ones from the paper are really good. Seriously, get the Sunday paper delivered.  8 weeks is like $10 and you'll make that back many times over!)
But I digress.
Use the P and G insert to get yourself a visa gift card though single check rebates this week.  I've been working the deal all month so I need $15 to earn the top gift card.
I'm going to get Tide $10.99 and Tide Stain Release5.99 (free with coupon) to put this thing to bed.
There are a lot of BOGO Coupons in this insert, so even if you are just starting this week, you can get a bunch of things, use the coupons to reduce your out of pocket, and get started at rite aid.Don't forget to get your $5 off a $25 purchase coupon at Other printable there as well.  You can print each twice.
I'll post what I get later today

I needed to use up a $2 register reward so I bought 2 hefty ziplock bags and 2 extra gum.  Both were Buy One Get One (need walgreens in ad coupon for the bags.  they have the ads in the store) and I had a $1 manufacturer coupono my total out of pocket was $1.98 for all/

I have $13 in Extra Bucks that are going expire this week!  I have to go spend them.  The best things I'm seeing are Cheerios BOGO, Kleenex BOGO and some razor deals.  I'll post my deal after I go.  This one is going to be put together on the fly.

Dollar Doublers this week.  This should be interesting.  I need to figure my strategy out for this.  Stay Tuned!!

OK thats the round up.  Stay tuned for what I end up with!!    

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  1. Oh my - I have a headache just trying to keep upo with you!!!! You must visit and show me how you do this I PERSON!

    Hope your lobster was yummy - never had one that was NOT!

    Keep on saving - but also remember to USE WHAT YOU HAVE - remember that old adage?????

    xoxo Mom