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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Walgreens Today

 I have the day off of work today, becasue I have to travel to Austin TX and work this weekend.  I took the time to go to Walgreens to use up some register rewards that would have expired before I got back.
Here's what I got:
3 12 packs of Pepsi  3/$12
2 Tostitos Scoops 2/$5
2 Tostitos Salsa 2/$5
1 Lipton Green Tea $2.99
1 Theraflu $3.99
1 Welches Grape Jelly 2/$5  (I only bought 1, so $1.50)
I used the following coupons
.75 of any welches
$2 off Theraflu (from
$13 in register rewards
Total spent $17.58
Not bad.
I got back $14 in register rewards ($10 from the pepsi/tostitos deal, $4 from the lipton/theraflu deal)
I will also get $7.50 from a mail in rebate for the pepsi/tostitos.
I only count register rewards against my total when I use them to make a purchase. Some count them when they earn them.  I try to count my true Out of Pocket expense.  I am new to doing mail in rebates (more about that another time) and my plan is to take any checks I get from them and put them in the savings account.  I will keep a tally and decide if it is worth it!

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