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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Rite Aid Trip Today

I was able to get to Rite Aid today on my lunch hour and I did great.
Here's what I bought:
Transaction 1
2 Bounty paper towels  12.99 each
I used these coupons:
1 $5 off  $25 rite aid coupon
2 $1 bounty coupons (from January PandG) I had 2 becasue there were 2 in my paper that week!
Total with tax $20.82
Transaction 2
Duracell Batteries 20 plus 5 free pack $16.99
3 Nissan Lo Mein noodles .88 each
2 Clorox wipes $1.99 each
2 Palmolive dish soap .89 each
1 Valentines Tootsie pops $1.77
3 Kraft Mac and Cheese (they were buy one get one. Since they only had three I got a raincheck to pick up the last free one next time!)
 I used these coupons
$5 off a $20 order from Rite Aid video values
$3 off Duracell Rite Aid coupon from this weeks circular
$1.00 off seasonal item (I forgot to use this...Darn!!)
$1.00 off 2 Palmolive
$1.00 off 2 clorox wipes
Buy 3 Get one free Mac and Cheese (this made it buy 1 get 3 free with the BOGO sale!)
total with tax
I paid with my rebate check from last month ($37.xx)
So my total out of pocket for all this was (Drumroll please.....)
61 cents!!!
Not bad if I do say so myself!!
I will also get in $3 Single check from the Duracell and have about $50 towards the P and G visa gift card rebate (spend $100 get at $35 gift card).


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