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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Walgreens Challenge! 2nd trip

I am working on my Walgreens Challenge.  I have a $100 gift card and I am challenging myself to see how long it will last, and how much merchandise I can get for it.
After week 2 here are my totals (combined)
Merchandise total $59.03
Dollars spent: $5.07
Remaining balance $94.93

It was pretty slim pickings for deals at Walgreens this week.  Remember, I only buy things I have a use for. I also don't buy anything I already have more than a 12 week supply on hand, unless it has a long shelf life and the deal is great.

Here is what I got:

2 Purex 3-1 complete laundry sheets on sale 2/$9 and get a $1.00 RR
I used the Buy One Get one Coupon from the paper last week (It expired today!)
1 box of raisins $1 (this was a filler)
Total before coupons and sales would have been $17.77 (includes tax)
I used a $5 Register Reward from last week in addition to the coupon.
I paid $1.29 on the gift card and received $1.00 in Register Rewards.

A few things about Walgreens for those who are not familiar with their register reward program...

Walgreens register rewards typically expire in 2 weeks.  You need to keep track of them so you don't let them expires without being used.  The main reason I did this deal at Walgreens today (I don't really need the purex sheets per my 12 week rule, but I really like them (no waste! I actually get 20 loads from the 20 load package becasue there is no overpouring!) and the BOGO coupon was expiring.  If you recall, I received $14 in register rewards from my deal last week.  They will expire on the 10th.  I didn't want to have to spend them all next week. If the deals are similiarly light next week, I'd have to spend them on "non-deal" things so as not to waste them. Not a great situation for the challenge, since I am trying to maximize my gift card!
The other difficulty with Walgreens is that they count register rewards as a manufactuers coupon, and you can't have more items than coupons.Also,you can't use them cover tax, or get change back. These are the reasons for "fillers".  I bought the raisins today (I got oatmeal for .50cents a few weeks back.  Can you say cookies??!!) so that my total would be high enough to use my $5 register reward.  It can be a bit of a pain sometimes, but if you plan ahead clearly the savings are worth it!

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